Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Review

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Review – Best Gluten Free Bread Machine

This is the most complete, and perhaps the best bread making system I have ever had the opportunity to review. First select the settings, then pour in the ingredients, and the breadmaker does all the work: kneading, mixing, beating and baking.

With 10 pre-programmed functions, and if you are anything like me, the gluten-free features will literally take the cake. The new top heating lid guarantees even cooking, topping-off the amazing forethought put into the design of the Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso bread maker.

Easy to Use with Unique Features

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 -: The many and convenient features make this breadmaker almost as simple to use as a microwave. The digital LCD display shows the clock, the current setting, and it indicates time remaining. It weighs 22 pounds, and I would not consider it a portable unit but nor is it large. In 2 hours a 2 pound bread is ready, which can be auto-heated for an additional hour.

The dual kneading blades, coated in teflon, ensure an even and thorough, non-stick processing of the dough, allowing it to rise higher with flawless texture. The multiple course settings accommodate a wide variety of programmed choices and 3 crust types: light, medium or dark.

Dough preparations menu selections include regular basic for using active dry yeast, quick basic using rapid rise yeast, regular wheat, quick wheat, regular dough, quick dough and gluten-free. Cake, jam, pasta and even meatloaf can also be made with the VIrtuoso breadmaker.

In addition, there is the home made button option which also provides for a shape cycle. This cycle enables the dough to be removed and reshaped, just prior to baking. All kinds of reshaping can occur, for pretzels, cinnamon roll bread, buns and much more. The homemade course selection is where the option to bake your very own recipes.

Built to Accommodate Family Baking Needs

The Virtuoso is convenient with several new accommodating qualities. One is the bread pan now contains handles making it easier and safer to remove your bread from the oven and there is a viewing window, to view the progress of your bread in process. The kneading blades are removable as they are not needed for all recipes, and cleaning is quick and simple, always a relief for busy people.

Finally, I can think of no substitute for the fresh smell of bread permeating the air, and its taste is even better, with a sprinkling of butter. Customer reviews have been consistently positive, across the board.

Zojirushi offers customer support online via email. In addition, service centres are available throughout the US and Canada, not that there is any expectation you will need such a thing.

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