Panasonic SD-BMT1000-T Review

Panasonic SD-BMT1000-T Review – Best Professional Bread Maker

This Panasonic SD-BMT1000-T Home Bakery is my favorite robot. He’s purple, he sits on your counter, and he does all the kneading of the dough, you don’t need to sully your knuckles, he will pound the dough in a most reassuring and thoroughly automatic way. These little purple guys will do much more than simply make a perfect loaf of homemade, piping hot, fresh bread. They are more than optimized for that task, and yet they can actually bake much more.


The automatic bread maker has come a long way in twenty years. Now available in all kinds of colors but this one is a distinctive dark purple. This bread maker produces a quite tall loaf that weighs a full pound. Depending on the recipe, it will produce a finish baked loaf of bread in 1 to 3 hours. Of course, if you don’t want that to start happening for 10 hours, or up to 13 hours in the future, just set the delay timer. When it goes off, the bread maker goes on.

This is not designed for heavy Panasonic SD-BMT1000-Tcommercial use. However for some of the specialty breads it can make, this really might make a great addition to a professional kitchen. From udon noodles in the main course to mochi for the dessert, this electric bread maker handles it all. You want a pizza crust, fresh and beautiful, ready for the toppings, then use the purple guy to make that perfect pizza crust. You need to get one of these. If you are not the baker in the family, then perhaps nobody really is? You can be the new Baker In The Family, with one of these purple guys sitting on your counter.


This one is just the right size for one medium-sized loaf of wheat bread.


You can select the chewiness of your bread with the control that runs from ‘glutinous’ all the way to ‘fluffy Pan de mi’. It also has a setting called ‘marble bread’, which distributes swirls of color throughout your bread, a marbling effect.


It should be a rare occasion to ever need to contact Panasonic customer support. But if you have dutifully mailed in the Panasonic registration card shortly after you bought it, then you are entitled to the stated consumer guarantee.


The SD-BMT1000 has 4 new menu selections compared to the previous model Panasonic bread maker. The main new feature is the marble swirl setting, mentioned above. It comes with a cookbook that details all the marvelous baked goodies it can make. So go out and get one of these purple bad boys.

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Panasonic SD-BMT1000-T Review – Best Professional Bread Maker
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